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Adult Beginner

Recommended for members who are new to Korean traditional dance and older adults who want to focus on wellness and the fundamentals of KTD.

Youth Class

Our fun and exciting youth program is specifically designed to establish a strong foundation of KTD fundamentals and techniques and prepare young students for future dance progression.

Adult Intermediate

For those with some experience with Korean traditional dance and graduates of our Adult Beginner program who wish to learn intermediate skills and dances.

Dance Company

For members who have demonstrated exceptional skill and mastery who wish to perform with KTDIC's touring performing arts team. Audition is required.

Adult Advanced

Offered to graduates of our Adult Intermediate program who are ready to learn sophisticated choreography and who aspire to showcase their command of the art form.

Private Lessons

Ideal for members seeking to fine-tune techniques through one-on-one attention. Develop your skills with a personally tailored lesson.


Class Schedule
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